• PG Applied Statistical Analysis I/PhD Quantitative Methods I (Fall 2021; Trinity College Dublin)

  • MSc Research Design (Fall 2021; Trinity College Dublin)

  • Applied Regression Analysis (Spring 2020 - 2021; Emory University)

  • Legislative Accountability Lab (Fall 2019 - 2021; Emory University, co-instructed with Clifford Carrubba)

  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods (Spring 2019; University College: Washington University in St. Louis)

  • Introduction to International Politics (Fall 2018; University College: Washington University in St. Louis)

Teaching Assistant

  • Global Justice (Spring 2018; Instructor: Frank Lovett)

  • History of Political Thought I: Justice, Virtue, and the Soul (Spring 2018; Instructor: Frank Lovett)

  • Introduction to International Politics (Spring 2017, Fall 2017; Instructor: Michael Bechtel)

  • Approaches to Comparative Politics, graduate level (Fall 2016; Instructor: Matthew Gabel)

  • Research Design and Methods, graduate level (Fall 2016); Instructor: Matthew Gabel)

  • Ethnic Conflict: Causes and Remedies (Spring 2015; Instructor: Sunita Parikh)

  • Law, Politics, and Society (Fall 2015; Instructor: James L. Gibson)